Flat Earth Explained

I prescribe to the cracker stack theory where it is postulated the earth is round but it resides on a stack of saltine crackers. As the earth rotates it creates a friction fire that produces carbon (this is also why the polar ice caps are melting). Because the earth is 71% water it has dissolved all the salt from the crackers (that’s why the oceans are salty) and is causing the cracker stack to get soggy and tilt (this is why we have seasons).

Because a saltine cracker is both flat and wavy it is understandable that the uninitiated believe that the earth is flat because they are looking at the cracker and not the earth.

You need to step back and see the entire cracker stack to really understand how it all works.

To those of you who are still unable to grasp the concept I’ve included math in the diagram.

Of course some people will tell you that the moon is made of cheese, but that’s just silly.