Old West Palm Beach had a variety of businesses and entertainment the likes of which we may never see again

Johnnys Playland

This place was packed with the most amazing things you could imagine. It had magic tricks, gag tricks, costumes, party favors, decorations, and lots of bits and pieces of things that could only now be found in museums.

John Eggert ran “Johnny’s Playland & Trick Shop”, a shop that sold magic tricks, costumes and novelty items. It was located on Myrtle Street across from the park, at the foot of Clematis Street. Myrtle is now South Clematis. S great place for aspiring magicians to hang out, as Johnny demonstrated the latest magic trick and illusions.

Kandy Bar

Kandy BarThe Kandy Bar was one of the last holdouts that offered real Burlesque

That’s right Strip Tease in some of the most elaborate costumes you could ever imagine.

Now with the click of a button you can explore all the risque material you want and not have to leave your home.

No great loss I suppose but if you did visit the Kandy Club in it’s heyday you would have a real story to tell…