Warped Tales

The Big Book of Aliens and Other Stories

When the aliens finally arrive it will be nothing like anything we can imagine. Maybe we’ll have a small bit of it right but everything else will be so alien that we will probably need several lifetimes to even begin to understand what or who they are.

In the mean time I daydream about all the strange and impossible stories that will be written about our encounters with the unknown. I am most interested in what we as humans will bring to the equation as we visit strange worlds and meet all sorts of alien creatures. How much of earth will we bring with us and how will our understanding of the universe will be warped by our encounters with the unknown?

Some of the Warped Tales stories are from the perspective of an alter ego I created who lives hundreds of years in the future and is recounting stories of his travels working as an engineer on space ships. He’s getting close to retirement and wants to write down his experiences and his perspective is one who either experienced the events himself or met others who were involved.

Some stories are just daydreams that have come to life as I realize that there are no boundaries in imagination.

Warped Tales